If You Build It,

They Will Come.

Is your website outdated? Are you thinking about starting or improving the website you have, I can help. Use the "Find Out More" button to see what your options are. I also provide training Video Tutorials to go with your new and improved website. Or video tutorials for other software and programs.


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Many of us don’t have the time to read the whole book to get something specific. Most common saying, I hear is just show me what or how to do what I need, that’s it. 

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Who is BITWC Web Design and Hosting Who is BITWC Web Design and Hosting

Who is BITWC

New Age Design & Tutorials

A little bit about how it started. I started BITWC to build websites and offer web hosting. During this process family members would call me asking how to do things on the computer which brought on video tutorials in addition to my website and hosting service. Helping family members took a lot of my time on the phone trying to explain computers and software programs that I counted on, and I should have been working on web design for my customers. So, creating video tutorials helped the family members greatly because they could always go back and watch them. This way I put my focus back to my customers. If you have any questions please use the contact us or request a video if that is what you need. 


What Can We Do For You?

Old to New

Take your old website to a new professional looking one. Upgrading can be a challenge and may require a complete makeover.

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Choosing the right web platform is my top priority. Will you use CMS, ecommerce, Joomla, Facebook, WordPress. Many options to choose from.

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SEO is about making improvements to your website’s structure and content so its pages can be discovered by people searching for items..

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Use my resources link at the top of the page for topics and more information into building a website for your business or hobbie. Planning is essential if you are going to succeed.

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Business Essentials

Are you prepared to start your online business, blog or just for fun website. No matter what it is you need a plan and I can help you get started.

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Social Media

Social Media is a good way to add more traffic to your website. More traffic will increase your SEO in the long run.

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